There has never been a better time to promote your business with Zoom

Promote with Zoom

In our always-connected world, it has never been easier to reach such a large audience. With the Zoom Cyprus innovative advertising platform, your personalised message can be delivered to each user’s smartphone, allowing businesses to meet the needs of their customers as well as to discover new clients. The smart targeting capabilities and direct response services of Zoom can enhance your strategy and help you complete your objectives.


Promoting your business with Zoom is proven to be an extremely cost efficient way of acquiring new desirable customers. Unlike traditional advertising and promotional ways, as a partner you can directly measure the effectiveness of your account with real, tangible data.


The smart targeting capabilities and direct response services can enhance your strategy and help you complete your objectives. Precision targeting on Zoom allows you to drill into some fairly specific and granular details. Our users’ insight allows you to reach Zoom users down to micro-level criteria. To illustrate this, here are some facts of our users data:

In the online environment, not all audiences are created equal. Reaching your targets can be difficult since most digital channels reach browsers and not real people, which leads to wasted ad views and money on people outside your core customer base. Things are getting complicated even when users go offline. Zoom Cyprus plays a beneficial role, as only a few digital publishers have a relationship with consumers that offers a persistent online and offline connection.


Since the establishment of Zoom Cyprus, we reached the important milestone of achieving 40,000 downloads! Our app ranked No. 1 in the “Top Free Apps – Travel and Local” section in Cyprus. We also reached the top 50 ranking in the entire “Free Apps” section in Cyprus. The development team is working hard to bring dedicated support, as well as cool new features for our users, as the app is gaining unprecedented popularity. You can be sure that any Zoom promotion campaign will reach an ever expanding audience to ensure your business’ on-going success!


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