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Like it or not, conducting business in Cyprus is not the same as it use to be. The 2013 financial crisis has dominated the country’s economic affairs, affecting every organization on the island. In fact, keeping your business afloat is becoming more difficult everyday and the need for survival calls for urgent changes to your business practices. As an ambitious businessman, you should always challenge the way you are managing your business. You have to be reflective, agile and adaptive in the hope that you will be prepared to confront different scenarios that may occur during your business life-cycle. In other words, improving your products, customer service and discovering new ways of promotion are vital to running a successful business.

“By the end of 2017, more than a one third of the globe will be a smartphone user regardless of the number of smartphones each of those individuals might have” – eMarketer

The world is shifting and new technological advances arise constantly. Our daily life is now surrounded by smartphones, tablets and wearables devices. In Cyprus, carrying a leading edge smartphone used to be a status symbol. In actual fact, smartphone users now constitute  over 50% of the market due the extreme availability of products  and the rapid growth of social media and mobile connectivity.



Today more and more software companies are innovating new ideas and technologies that can help to promote your company and reach new customers. Take for example TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Airbnb and Expedia. These mobile applications are designed to constantly deliver to the user the most up-to-date information about the content they are interested in.


In this always-connected-anywhere world, it has never been easier to reach such a large audience. Your personalised message can be delivered to each user’s smartphone through clever apps, allowing businesses to meet the needs of their customers as well as to discover new customers. Promoting your business through newspapers, radio or even with a PR person is outdated and inefficient. Why spend money on promotions that only have limited reach when you can take advantage of mobile advertising that can deliver your message directly to a much broader audience.


To fulfil the needs of Cypriot businesses, we created Zoom: an advanced yet easy to use application for promoting your business and reaching your potential customers. Zoom Cyprus app is an excellent example of how your business can use mobile technology to your advantage. With campaigns that start from as little as 100 euro, Zoom Cyprus advertising products can put your company’s mark in the digital world and turn virtual traffic into real money transactions.



Zoom is an interactive web and mobile app, designed to offer a new kind of experience to anyone visiting or staying in Cyprus. It is a mobile map and navigation app that can help the user journey around the island. It offers turn-by-turn navigation and directions with voice commands. The route can be viewed on 2D / 3D maps which are available both online and offline. Users can use Zoom to search by location, name, address or any number of custom filters – including business type and name. The locations can then be saved to a favourites list for later use. Everything can be shared with other Zoom users and various social media outlets. The app has many sophisticated features such as location-sharing, photo or audio notes and many more!


The smart capabilities of the application can help you put your own point of interest (POI) in the map using rich media that can be accessed offline anytime and anywhere using the GPS navigation system. You can then connect to customers by creating deals and targeting people in Cyprus of your choice. You are in complete control of your digital presence in the app and can change and update your deals and advertising at any time through the intuitive web console. You can also target specific customer groups by different criteria such as language, age, gender, marital status and many more. If that doesn’t fit your needs, you can always set up your own virtual billboard and make your company stand-out on the map so users of the app can immediately see your organisation.


Zoom Cyprus recently reached the important milestone of achieving 11,000 downloads! It is ranked No. 1 in Top Free apps in the Travel and Local section of Cyprus and reached No. 17 in all Free apps in Cyprus. The development team is working hard to bring dedicated support as well as cool new features for the users as the app is gaining unprecedented popularity. You can be sure that any Zoom promotion campaign will reach an ever expanding audience to ensure your business’ on-going success!



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