Share location yet not another Check-In feature

Share location

We’ve all been in a situation like Joe here, wasting our precious time on the phone giving directions, because our friend, just like Joe, was unable to find the place we were supposed to meet an hour ago; but we don’t blame Joe. We have all been there and we know that it’s not always easy to find a location we’re visiting for the first time.

Fortunately, thanks to Zoom Cyprus, all this time and money wasting belongs in the past. With the Zoom Cyprus ‘share location’ feature you can simplify your life with just a single tap. Your friends and family are now able to see your exact position in a split of a second.


Joe:  That sounds nice, but aren’t there other apps that can do check-ins?

No, ‘share location’ is not yet another Check-In feature. The specially designed communication assistant, which accompanies the navigator, can help you stay in touch with your loved ones, whether you’re lost or trying to get to new places.

Joe: But I can also send locations with my favourite messenger app.

Can your favourite messenger give you the most optimal directions to the shared location and navigate you there, offline?

Using the ‘share location‘ feature with Zoom Cyprus has unlimited applications. In case you’re not convinced, let’s take an example where you and your girlfriend go to a remote location for a trip. Suddenly your car breaks down, or someone gets hurt and there is no one nearby to help. Instead of spending hours on the phone explaining your location, which you are not really sure about, you could share it with the road assistance services, or your family with just a tap.


As a matter of fact, we took the sharing location technology to another level by integrating new road assistance services into the app. Now you can pre-subscribe to emergency services using your insurance account and always stay safe no matter what.

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