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Zoom comes to rescue!


Despite the small size of the island, getting around Cyprus is not an easy thing, especially when you end up stuck in the middle of nowhere whilst exploring remote places. Just imagine on a hot day out in the countryside, while your phone is trying to get at least a bar of signal, the plan of finding your way back with Google maps is probably not going to work.

Zoom is built to be a versatile app, that works both online and offline at any location on the island,. Its total road length is estimated to be the highest of any other map built for Cyprus. As a matter of fact, who needs Google Maps when you have a dedicated team at Zoom, who are continuously updating the map by adding new roads and hundreds of addresses on a monthly basis, even for the smallest villages in Cyprus.

In addition to that, the app has recently launched a new road assistance service that can help you and your family stay safe on the road. Forget about long calls trying to explain your location and wasting your time describing the unfortunate incident. By pre subscribing to the new emergency services, you will always get your road assistance at the push of a button, no matter what.  As soon as you call the service they will automatically know your exact location by GPS and will send a rescue venicle out to you immediately.

Last but not least, If you ever feel lost, sharing location feature can always be helpful to find your way back by sending your current geo-position. Always be prepared, as it is easy to get lost when you explore unknown remote places.

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